Do you find yourself wondering things like, “What is the Christian way of life?” “How am I called to live my day-to-day life?” “I know there has to be more to the Catholic faith than just attending mass on Sundays. I have to be missing something. What is it?”… If you find yourself asking questions similar to this, Schoenstatt may be the answer you are looking for. Schoenstatt offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith in Christ through Mary.

2015 will mark the 6th year this formation will be offered in our parishes. Meetings will be held in the Immaculate Conception Church basement in Botkins on Tuesday evenings beginning January 27th from 7-9:00pm.

All are welcome to attend! No matter your age or your level of spirituality, this formation is open to you. Regardless of your state in life, Schoenstatt can help show you the way and deepen your faith and love for Christ and His Church.

Please take some time in prayer to see if God is calling you to join us in this formation. If you have any questions or would like more information before the first meeting, please contact us.

For more information regarding the Schoenstatt movement visit: schoenstattofohio@org.

Leaders:  Tim and Darla Dietz   
Ph:           937-693-2753