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Meal Ministry

Primary Contact for Immaculate Conception: Jane Steinke at the IC office, 937-693-2561; 

Primary Contact for Saint Lawrence: Mary Coleman, 937-596-5382;

What does your ministry do? 
The Meal Ministry serves parishioners who are temporarily unable to prepare/provide meals for themselves, for example, because of illness or recent hospitalization.  One meal is provided daily, or as needed.

What volunteer opportunities are available with your organization? 
Volunteers with the meal ministry are contacted by their parish coordinator to contribute a meal for the individual or
family in need. Volunteers deliver the meal to the home on the designated date. At IC the meal providers are coordinated by Darla Dietz; please call her at 937/693-2753 to volunteer.

How else may people help? Please call Jane Steinke/Mary Coleman if you need assistance or know of an individual or family who might need assistance, and they will make the necessary arrangements.