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Petersburg Legislative Advocacy Network

The Social Justice Commission is establishing a legislative advocacy network. We wish to compile a list of
parishioners who are willing to put their faith into action and influence public policy by contacting elected
officials via phone, mail, or e-mail.

How does it work? You will occasionally be contacted (by phone or email) by the Petersburg Social Justice
Commission with information about a current issue or pending legislation and be asked to review the
information provided and take appropriate action by contacting a selected elected official. (Contact
information will stay right here in Petersburg, and will not be provided to outside sources.) The network
is organized by the Catholic Social Action Office so we can be sure that the information we're given is
accurate; across the archdiocese more than two-dozen parishes and seven agencies currently participate
in the network. 

To participate in the Legislative Advocacy Network, contact Rachel Barber at 419/738-4924 or